‘‘Twas the Shift Before Christmas

Twas the shift before Christmas👩🏼‍⚕️
And all through the 🏨Unit
The patients were eagerly
Waiting to lose 🤪it.

Right at shift change,
They ask for the snacks😬,
And annoyingly ask us to
Rub all their backs.

We work during 🎁Christmas,
Giving up family time.
Cleaning booty’s and vomit🤢
And snotty nose slime.

We do it with patience,
We do it with pride,
For they are the reason
We feel good inside👨🏾‍⚕️.

It takes much patience,
And a little bit of grace,
But we always manage to put a
Smile ☺️on each face.

We wish we were 🏡home
With our families, true.
But the patients feel
The exact same way too.

So let’s make the best
Of the time we are here.
Let’s help our patients👩🏻‍⚕️
Feel like Christmas is near.

We can rejoice with them
When they get discharged🛌 home,
And comfort the ones
Whom have yet to go.

When it’s all said and done,
We can go home and rest,
And feel great knowing
We gave it our best🥰.

Tonight we won’t fret,
Tonight we won’t fuss.
Because in the Morning,
It’s a Merry Christmas!🎄

By Tara Jones RN 💕

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