Natasha’s Covid 19 Experience

My unit was changed to a Covid unit for rule out and positive patients. Drs only go in the rooms if absolutely necessary! If they’ve seen the patient before they will call into the room and ask the patient how they are doing and/ or ask us nurses. Also if a Dr from one specialty has seen the patient already, the other Dr won’t go in the room.
House keeping, educators, dietary, lab, case managers and pct / stnas ect .... are not supposed to go into the rooms to minimize exposure of the virus to others. So that maximizes exposure to who ? 🤔 👉🏾Nurses 👈🏾! So I am the house keeper, the phlebotomist, the educator, dietary , pct/ stna and anything else you can imagine!
On top of that I am to wear my N95 mask until visibly soiled ! Then once visibly soiled we are to put it in a recycling bin, so the mask can be sanitized and then reused !
With all that being said, the last few days my chest and throat have been sore and now I’m having chills. I may have to leave nursing for a little while 😒🙏🏾(Update Natasha is feeling well and has tested negative for Covid19)

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